Gladiator Duelling Arena

Our latest piece of equipment has proved a real wow, with both Boys and Girls alike!

The idea behind it of course based around the TV show, and is guaranteed to be hilarious fun at any party event.

You can split the children into two or more teams, and a “Gladiator” will be drawn from each team to do battle and win points for his/her team. Each “Gladiator” stands on a slightly unstable, inflatable podium (just to make it more fun), and then attempts to knock their opponent off; using inflatable pugil sticks.

Just to make it more fun, decorum should not be observed and “loser” should be shouted each time an opponent is knocked off”.

Just imagine, all this fun played out to “eye of the tiger”, and you’ll get the picture!

The fall area is 15’x 14’ and has a wall around the outside for safety.

Kids only Dad!

Price - £140 per day. (face guards supplied)
Hosted party only.

QUESTIONS? Just give us a call on 0800 083 7805